Who are we?

Ian Faed

With the education, skills, and knowledge that Ian has gained from the below qualifications and experience that he has had in the last few years, he is one of the most capable people in this industry who strives for perfection every time.

The Restoration/Clanlab industry has advanced dramatically in the past 10 yrs, with innovation and technology forging ahead. Ian has been quick to keep up with this to allow him to be at the forefront of the industry in the South West of WA.

Training and Certifications

  • Jena Dyco International Trained
  • Meth Lab Remediation and Testing
  • IICRC Certification in Water Damage Restoration
  • Fire & Smoke Damage Restoration
  • Carpet Cleaning
  • Mould Remediation
  • Applied Microbial Remediation
  • Hard Floor Maintenance
  • Crime Scene and Trauma Clean up
  • Bio Recovery Technician – American Bio Recoveries Association
  • Target Drying – Wet Building Materials
  • Carpet Dyeing
  • Biorecovery Technician

To complement the above, Ian has a large business set up that includes:

  • 8 portable carpet cleaning machines
  • 2 Truck mount carpet steam cleaners in Ford Transit Vans
  • 2 trailer mounted 4500psi pressure washers and water tanks
  • 5 4000psi portable pressure steam washers for industrial work
  • 2 pressure steam cleaners for commercial and domestic work
  • 6 Hard floor auto scrubbers
  • 8 Vehicles
  • 4 Trailers incl 2 enclosed
  • 4 story De Ionised water window cleaning system
  • 16 hard floor polishers
  • 4 Tile floor cleaners rotary
  • 12 Makita blow vacs
  • Multitudes of general cleaning machinery and tools

Technological advancements that Ian has embraced recently are:

  •  Auto scrubbers that apply solution to the floor, scrub and dry in one pass
  •  Truck Mount Carpet Cleaners – steam cleaners permanently mounted in a vehicle
  •  Encapulation carpet cleaning machines – dry cleaning carpet systems
  •  De Ionised Water Window Cleaning System
  •  Thermal Imaging Camera for water damage identification
  •  Air Scrubbers to hepa filter air in contaminated areas
  •  LGR Dehumidifiers for quick effective drying of water damaged areas
  • Ozone Generator for fast malodour removal.

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